Sunday, November 29, 2020

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Recondition Batteries at Home

Learning how to recondition batteries instead of throwing them out can save you money and help the environment. Few […]

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The Benefits of Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries or “starting batteries,” as they are also called, are the oldest rechargeable batteries in existence and the first used for commercial use. They have dominated the market for over 100 years, ever since their invention in the 1850s by Gaston Plante, a French engineer, and continue to weave their magic to this day. The surge of new batteries in the market has not lessened their importance. Today, lead-acid are cost-effective and their ability to supply high surge currents, makes them the most viable option for […]

Reconditioning Batteries Helps The Environment

Want to make an extra few bucks each month and help clean up the environment too? Reconditioning batteries may be something you would like to do. Online businesses are growing at an incredible rate. These niche sectors are making more and more money every day. Finding cheap auction batteries, reconditioning them and selling them for profit can be done with the proper knowledge. The use of cordless devices has exploded and created a disposal problem for millions of batteries. A simple technique exists that can be used […]

Ni-MH The Long Life Battery

For today’s lifestyles, the most important attribute to consider is mobility. Advanced electronic devices such as portable computers and cell phones allow people to perform much more effectively than ever before. With mobility comes the increased need for portable power sources. Fortunately, this advancement in electronics is matched with improvements in batteries that power these devices. Ni-MH batteries provide much more power than the Ni-Cd batteries and also eliminate any concerns on the usage of heavy metals in the making of these cells. The exciting new technology […]

Li-ion The Battery of Choice

The trend of battery-powered laptops and other portable equipment becoming smaller and more power hungry led to the creation of lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries. The electrodes used in these batteries are made of lightweight lithium and carbon, making them compact and lightweight. They offer a far better performance when compared to the more traditional rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries often used in laptops are different from primary lithium batteries used in cameras. Li-ion technology was introduced in 1990 and has over the years emerged as a superior source […]